GGCE Winning Piece (with Tourmaline)



The winning piece of GGCE 2023 was made by Ijeoma Okolo, the CEO of 2Groom, a retail jewelry and accessories company in Nigeria.

Ijeoma has been in the jewelry business for over fifteen years and in following her passion for Jewelry making, is a recent graduate of the Lagos Jewelry School (LJS)

The winning piece is a pendent depicting Unity.

The Nigerian flag colors green-white-green were Incorporated in the piece by using tourmaline and zircon gemstones. The prongs holding the stones in the Nigerian map are to depict the hands of Nigerians in the gemstone industry, each doing their part to uplift the gemstone industry in Nigeria.

The piece tells the story of the Nigerian nation, being enriched by the jewelry sector and reaching out to Africa and the rest of the world – This is represented by the round and textured background plate, with the inscription WIM (Women In Mining) as a major driving force in the African Jewelry sector.

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